What a fantastic Superbowl yesterday! It reminded me of some of the games in the seventies when defenses dominated. Of course, we are looking at a dynasty with the Chiefs. It certainly will not be the last time we see them in the big game. I had friends and family over and the only one who wasn’t thrilled with the game was one of my brothers. He wanted more offense. It was a chess match, not NASCAR this year.

I know, I know. I was supposed to finish an article entitled “The much-maligned Merlot.” It’s crazy to me how quickly time flies. It’s an article I want to finish and I fully intend on getting it done. Look for it soon. I also have my eyes on Syrah, another varietal that is struggling in my department. I recently tasted the Luke Winery Syrah and was very impressed. Like Merlot, Syrah expresses itself quite well out of Washington State. Some of the best I’ve tried have come from here, our great wine-producing state. March is Washington Wine Month and the original “Washington Wine Month.” They have since added August now as well. I’ve always said that one month is enough and a lot of people agree with that. You can bet that I will be reviewing a number of Washington State wines during March.

On my YouTube channel, I have recently published two blind tastings, one featuring Petite Sirah and one featuring Old World and New World Merlot. Today, I will put out an episode highlighting my “Pick of the Month” for February. I poured it yesterday for some of my guests at our SB party and they loved it. It’s nice to see that sort of reaction. It bolsters my confidence in my choice. In the episode on my pick, I talk about the process of making the decision for the choice of the wine I will feature for the month. Make sure you check it out. It will go live this morning around seven-thirty.

I will start working on my Merlot article post haste. Look for it to come out this week. I will also be reviewing a wine on my YouTube channel that not a lot of people are familiar with… Tannat. This is a very interesting grape varietal that does very will in the Madiran region of France as well as Uruguay and Argentina. The ones from France can be quite rustic and a bit gnarly. They need some age on them before they should be consumed. However, when from Uruguay and Argentina, they are way more approachable. It will be quite interesting to feature this grape varietal on my YouTube channel.


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