New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time really. How many of us, including myself, feel inspired to accomplish things we have failed to accomplish in the past at the start of a new year. We declare loudly to everyone we know, that this year we are going to do this or that. Instead of making resolutions, I’ve decided to just go for it and do the things that I want to get done without making any sort of proclamation. That way, if my intentions don’t come to fruition, I won’t feel like a failure. For those of you who made some sort of New Year’s resolution at the start of 2020, I think it is safe to say you are off the hook. What a shit-show 2020 ended up being. Now, here we are in 2021 with the hope that things will turn for the better. Being positive is never a bad thing. I have things to do, Susie and I have things to do and we will do them.

Social media has certainly exacerbated the things going on in the world today. Can you imagine what the Spanish Flu would have been like if Twitter, Instagram and Facebook had existed? Many folks in the world at that time had no idea the extent of that flu and the lives it took. Today, rumors fly on social media. Everyone’s an expert and propagates untruths with the absolute confidence that what they are saying is the truth. My worry is, that many people buy into what others are saying without doing any proper research. I use social media a lot myself, but only for the things I know. You won’t find me Tweeting about Covid-19 or re-posting something on Facebook about it from a source that has no validity. I’m a wine guy and therefore most of my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook content has to do with the subject of wine. I stick to what I know and if everyone else in this world did the same, we wouldn’t have the panic we see around us. Denzel Washington, a well known celebrity said something that has stuck with me. “If you don’t read the paper you are uninformed, if you read the paper you are misinformed.” Don’t let yourself be brought down by the media or social media. Do your best to be positive and that positivity will rub off on those around you. One day, this will all be behind us.

What do you know, I have not mentioned a word about wine in this column. I guess it was time for me to blow off a bit of steam. I promise to write on the subject of wine next week. I hope your new year is awesome!


Stan The Wine Man

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I am a blue collar wine guy who has been in the biz for over twenty years. I work at a store in a tourist destination stop. I work hard at finding the best wine for the money. I love the challenge of learning my customer's palate so I can find the best wine for them, whether it is Petrus or white zinfandel. Cheers!
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