Furmint…I am willing to bet that a lot of you who read my blog, have not heard of this grape varietal. I’m not surprised by this, since I only recently have had a chance to taste a wine made from this grape. It is most famous for being the grape of the dessert wine from Tokaji, Hungary. It is also used to make dry white wines and my pick for July is exactly that.

2015 Pajzos Furmint

2015 Pajzos Furmint

2015 Pajzos Furmint (Tokaji, Hungary)… $12.99

Aromas of mint leaf, vanilla, wet stone and orange peel. There is a background of white flowers, nuts and banana which is quite interesting. Creamy and fresh at the same time on the palate with notes of fig and banana coming through with a touch of white pepper. Seamless flow across the palate with a slight stainless steel edge. Finishes fresh with notes of orange peel and white flowers joining the party. This wine is quite versatile lending itself well to shellfish, white fish and fowl. I find it to be a great summer sipper and I have already consumed several bottles myself. For thirteen bucks, it is a steal. Don’t be afraid to stretch your palate horizons with this delicious Hungarian white. (B+/A-)

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