A boatload of wine

A boatload of wine

In a weeks time, I taste a boatload of wine (seriously). I lot of my friends think that I’m lucky. Well, they’re right, and I wouldn’t give this job up for the world. The only thing that makes my job hard, is my feeling of responsibility to taste the samples given to me as quickly as possible and to put my reviews either in my Moleskine, on my Youtube channel (Stan The Wine Man TV), or right here on Here for your reading pleasure, are thirteen wines that I have reviewed in my Moleskine (good or bad), this past week.

2012 Ramey Chardonnay (Russian River Valley, CA)… $41.

Aromas of butter and apples with a little roasted pineapple thrown in along with hints of pears and oak. This wine has a soft mouth feel to the point of creamy. Notes of butter, pineapple and pears. Acidity hits on the back-end. Good integration of fruit, acid and oak with a lemon/butterscotch backbone front to finish. Forty bucks is a lot for a chard, but this one delivers. (A-)

2013 Patz & Hall Chardonnay “Dutton Ranch” (Russian River, CA)…$43.

Pears and apples on the nose with hits of cooked butter. Creamy and round notes of apples and pineapples. Seamless on the palate with citrus notes lingering on the finish. A chard lovers chard for sure. The only problem with this one, is it goes down so easy. (A)

2013 Ashan Chardonnay “Kestrel Vineyard” (Yakima Valley, WA)…$47.

Aromas of sautéed butterscotch and butter with a backdrop of pear. Round pear and butterscotch notes front to back on the palate with a little oak showing on the backside. The oak is not over-powering and is taken over by butterscotch and pineapple with a kiss of citrus on the finish. This is pushing the fifty note, but if you are looking for something special, this fits the bill. (A)

2013 Ashan Chardonnay “Conner Lee Vineyard” (Columbia Valley, WA)… $47.

Aromas of butter, pineapple, banana, butterscotch, and a touch of toast. Creamy pineapple and butter notes on the palate with an undertow of acidity front to back. Clean on the palate with oak notes kicking into high gear on the back of the mid-palate into the finish. This baby really needs food to make it work. (A-)

2012 Portteus Cellars Pinot Noir (Rattlesnake Hills, WA)… $11.

Aromas of cherries, cranberries, rusty nails and a little dirt action. A little thin on the palate but good flavors of black tea, earth and cherries. Finishes with a little root beer and a splash of vanilla ice cream and dirt. Simple but effective. (C)

2012 Portteus Cellars Rouge 66 Red (Rattlesnake Hills, WA)… $11.

Aromas of tobacco, cherries and a hit of currants. White pepper notes join dark cherries, tobacco and a touch of earth and leather. Serious structure for the price but just a little thin on the finish. This wine has serious old world attitude. (C+/B-)

2013 Washington Hills Cabernet Sauvignon (Washington State)… $10.

Aromas of licorice, currants, twigs and tobacco. Very smooth on the palate with soft tannins backing notes of dark currants and red cherries with a little plum action thrown in. Green tea notes show up on the finish. Simple but delicious with just a hint of spice on the back-end. (C+/B-)

2013 The Underground Wine Project “Sustain” Red (Columbia Valley, WA)… $15.

A meaty, smokey nose joined by notes of cherries, licorice violets and hits of chocolate. BBQ spices come through on the palate joined by notes of vanilla, currants and dark cherries. Smooth on the palate with just an edge of rusticity. Good balance of acid and fruit with violets all day on the finish with vanilla, chocolate and mocha notes hitting on the back-end. (B-)

2013 Danvito Montpulciano D’Abruzzo (Abruzzo, Italy)… $8.

Tarragon on the nose joined by notes of plums and cherries with a touch of red flowers and cedar. Plum and cherry notes come through on the palate with red flowers and hints of cola. Cedar notes underneath front to back on soft tannins with just a little grip action on the finish. (C+/B-)

2012 Beresan Carmenere (Walla Walla Valley, WA)… $31.

Aromas of licorice, blackberries, currants and a riding stream of dark cherries. Smooth, almost sultry on the palate with a meaty element. It has a hard edge that shows up on the mid-palate with a little spiciness coming through. Blackberries and dark cherries front to back with a splash of tobacco. Excellent balance and structure with smooth tannins. Black raspberry and white pepper notes linger on the finish. (A-)

2009 Beresan Cabernet Sauvignon (Walla Walla Valley, WA)… $31.

Perfumed on the nose with notes of thyme, black currants and oak. Sweet currants on the palate with a backbone of herbs. The oak tries to crowd out the fruit notes but doesn’t succeed. Dark cherry notes underneath front to finish with a little grip action and green tobacco on polished, structured tannins. (B/B+)

2009 Beresan Malbec (Walla Walla Valley, WA)… $30.

Aromas of chocolate, mint, tobacco, cherry liquor and ripe blackberries with a hint of popcorn kernels. Big and powerful on the palate with notes of blackberries and currants with an edge of white pepper supported by sturdy, polished tannins. Fresh acidity is the backbone of this wine with a little dark chocolate sneaking in on the back of the mid-palate into the finish. (B/B+)

2013 Michael David Winery Cinsault Bechthold Vineyard (Lodi, CA)… $24.

Liquid multi-vitamins on the nose with notes of sunflower seeds , violets , blueberries and red cherries thrown in the mix. Round and polished on the palate with notes of cherries and chocolate. Solid acidity backs the fruit notes with notes of blueberries and raspberries brooding underneath. A little tannic grip on the back-end with chocolate and violet notes lingering. (B+)

Cheers & Happy Halloween!

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