Happy Memorial Day everyone! Memorial Day weekend in the San Juans is living up to expectations. Loads of people have come to visit our beautiful islands. It’s starting to feel normal again after a year plus of Covid-19. Masks are coming off all over our state and we are waiting patiently for our local health department to catch up with the times. The longer they wait to lift the mask mandate, the harder it will be for people to accept the change when it comes. As I’ve mentioned, the virus is in decay mode and has lost its punch. Costco is even bringing back sampling of food in their stores. Before you know it, we will be talking about the virus in the past tense.

My wife Susie is very busy planning our next trip abroad. I haven’t been overseas since early in 2019. Susie went to London and Florence in December of ’19 just before the virus started raging. It looks like we will be able to fly without wearing a mask by December. We are planning a trip to London and Spain. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to visit with Susie’s friends and family again. We will then hop over to northern Spain and visit the Basque country and take a quick trip down to Rioja. This is a part of the world neither of us has seen and we are both starting to get very excited, Susie is the best travel planner I know, so I am leaving the details in her capable hands. I of course will take care of the visit to wine country in Rioja. We both love to travel and visit different parts of the world.

I finished up May on my YouTube channel with reviews of Oregon wines. May is Oregon Wine Month, so I thought it appropriate to give them some love. This past Thursday, I put up an episode featuring the wines of King Estate and today I will put up a review of some wines from Willamette Valley Vineyards. I am really enjoying my adventure on YouTube and want to thank all of you for your support. I am dangerously close to 450 subscribers which is very cool. One is better than none, so it warms my heart to have such a large audience who are enjoying the content that I put out there. If you have any episode suggestions, please let me know.


Stan The Wine Man

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I am a blue collar wine guy who has been in the biz for over twenty years. I work at a store in a tourist destination stop. I work hard at finding the best wine for the money. I love the challenge of learning my customer's palate so I can find the best wine for them, whether it is Petrus or white zinfandel. Cheers!
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