2011 Bergevin Lane Vineyards Linen Red Wine (Columbia Valley, WA)… $12.

Whether or not Dave Harvey (wine maker at Bergevin Lane) had total control over the making of this blend of 57% Merlot and 43% Syrah, which he most likely did, it brings back memories of his brief stint as wine maker at San Juan Vineyards. I liked Dave as a person, although I didn’t get to know him very well because he wasn’t around that long. While doing my research, I couldn’t track down when Dave started at Bergevin Lane, but I’m relatively sure it was around 2009 or 2010, so I think it’s safe to say that this is his wine.

Bergevin Lane Vineyards is located in Walla Walla Washington, but in order to put out a value wine like this, they source the fruit from various appellations in the Columbia Valley. There is a crap-load of experience at this winery. Gary Bergevin goes back to 1988 as one of the founding partners of Canoe Ridge Vineyards. In ’93, he became Director of Canoe Ridge Vineyards Winery. Dave Harvey came to the winery with twenty years of wine making experience. Check out their story here.

This Merlot-Syrah blend has sausage all over the nose (from the Syrah), backed by notes of blueberries and red plums. I almost fell in love with it, just from the aromas. Nice core of currants, plum and bacon fat on the palate. The smokiness from the syrah is evident front to back and is joined by some tar notes and minerals. There is a nice density from the start as it flows seamlessly into a finish of blueberries, smoked ham and minerals. It never gets “fat”, but it is big with nice balance and a clean finish that lingers. This is a boat-load of wine for twelve bucks and I am sure to have a bottle or two around for my upcoming prime rib dinner. At this price, it doesn’t get much better. (A-)

Distributed by Noble Wines (Seattle, Washington)

Cheers! Stan The Wine Man

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