2009 Carmen Gran Reserva Carmenere Apalta Vineyard (Colchagua, Chile) … $14.99

This is a stretch for me since I know that Carmenere can lean towards the veggie side, and there are quite a few of you out there that have a hard time with this style. That being said, this Carmenere has enough fruit to keep the veggie monster at bay making for a well-balanced, structured wine with nice complexity.

Pepper driven on the nose with notes of tobacco leaf, dark fruits and a hit of tomato plant. Smooth tannins back dark fruit notes with an undertow of acidity. Currants and boysenberries with an underside of leather hit you on the mid-palate flowing into a somewhat dry and sultry finish showing notes of tomato leaf and warm pepper spice. Serve this wine at room temperature if you don’t want the veggie qualities to rear their head. If you like a little salad in your red wine, (Which I do from time to time) serve it on the cooler side and it will comply.

I really like Carmenere, and I would like as many as possible to have it introduced to their palate. This is a good wine to try if it is your first experience with Carmenere. If you are already a fan, I think you are going to love it!

By the way, Carmenere is a great food wine and if you plan on Prime Rib for your Christmas meal…Wow! 93+ points

I hope you all have a great holiday season. Cheers! Stan The Wine Man

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I am a blue collar wine guy who has been in the biz for over twenty years. I work at a store in a tourist destination stop. I work hard at finding the best wine for the money. I love the challenge of learning my customer's palate so I can find the best wine for them, whether it is Petrus or white zinfandel. Cheers!
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